Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie Night: Thurs January 10th

This time we're making it over to Chief's house for Chrome and Hot Leather. 

This one's from 1971 and it's our first foray into the sub-genre of Vietnam biker flicks. It wasn't long before the film companies had to start creating hybrids to boost biker movie attendance. They started to dabble with Vietnam, blaxploitation, homosexuality, and horror. This one looks legit, though. Just look at that gang! Fucking awesome bikes.

Those with a keen eye will recognize Larry Bishop from HellRide and Marvin Gaye from...well, he's fucking Marvin Gaye and he rules. Anyway...

You know the drill. 7:30 order pizza. 8pm movie. I'll email everyone the address...

Let's ride!

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