Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Movie Night Thursday 2/2/2012

Dudes, you're not gonna wanna miss Girl Boss Guerrilla. I've posted about it before. I've already seen it twice and I'm psyched to see it a third time. Check this link to read about it if you haven't done so already.

It's the shit.

Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel. See you next Thursday (Feb 2nd) at my crib at 7:30. I've got yet another new pizza place to try...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie Night Thursday 1/19/12

Next Thursday's flick is Once a Jolly Swagman (aka Maniacs on Wheels as it was called in the US) from 1948. It's about badass speedway racers in the mid-30's. This is a big departure from the usual love-in's, gang wars and neanderthal M/C's. Unfortunately for us all, and especially the Magician, I can guarantee we won't be seeing even the slightest exposed nipple nor risqué scene involving a buxom momma.

This is also our first film from across the pond, I believe. Although we do have another one coming up later in the season. The cinematography and editing of the above scene does look pretty freakin good. Clearly a class above most of the garbage we see from the 60's drive-in movies we're used to watching. Maybe this will be the art-fag flick of the season, like Girl on a Motorcycle was last year. The yin to our typical yang.

I'm thinkin Jet's Pizza this time. I've got some coupons.

That main chick does looks pretty nice...

Anyway. Thursday the 19th. 7:30pm. Film starts at 8. Thanks for being on time so far! Get there early to get a comfortable seat. Someone should grab the chair from my office, actually. It's pretty nice...