Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interested in blacking something out...

but don't want to ruin the chrome finish or painted surface. Maybe you want to change a part a different color but then decide next week you want it back to how it was. However, you are like me... CHEAP and LAZY. I have the perfect solution for you!


I recently found out about this product and decided to use my bike as a guinea pig (since I have a lot of chipping paint). Basically this paint comes in a liquid and spray form. From what I have gathered it is best to spray 4 to 5 coats of this paint on to your item, so you can easily peel it off when you want it back to normal. Also, I have read that after the plastidip has been on the item for a year or more, the plastidip might not peel as easy (but still will, just in smaller chunks). Best part of it all is there is no prep work really involved except for making sure your item is clean.

Here are some videos for ideas/evidence whatever:

Powerwashing plastidip:

Metal effect plastidip:

Removal of plastidip:

If you are interested, you can get matte black at Home Depot or any similar place for around 5.98 a can.

Stoopid driver!

I would be PISSED if this happened to me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got a grand burning a hole in your pocket?

Design your dream helmet...

Came across this amazing helmet company from Paris. Their helmets start at around 800 bones and climb up to approx $2k. They have an awesome customization shop where you get to spec out your helmet like it was a bespoke suit. But that starts at $1k. I'm gonna try and visit the shop when I'm in gay Paris this Spring. And walk out empty handed of course.

the Bandit would love both of these, I bet.

Coolest helmet ever???

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Movie Night Thursday 3/29/2012

I'm sitting in a cube at our Seattle office. It's cold and overcast. You guys are riding around in sleeveless shirts, getting tanned from the unseasonably warm sun, and laying jazz on hot mommas. Wish I was there.

Clearly with the onset of Global Warming we are reaping the moto-benefits in 2012. And with that it means an early riding season and but an early close to the Movie Night season, too. Next Thursday will conclude this year's Motorcycle Movie night.

We opened with the modern take on the classics, and we're closing with arguably the archetype that spawn the b-movies biker genre in the 60's. We're wrapping up with 1953's The Wild One.

It's a bit campy, but fuck it, it's great. "Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?" "Whaddya got?"
There's a line for an FSMC shirt...

Anyway, come out. Last one of the season. Let's ride...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie Night Thursday 3/15/2012

You guys are gonna be psyched on this one. Early 70's biker flick shot in Michigan (Northville, Plymouth and Detroit, to be specific). It even features a legit Detroit M/C, the Scorpions.

The plot is very typical: They get framed for raping a chick in a small town and they get into a war with the fuzz. I think we've seen that one before. But this time it involves grenades and blowing up helicopters. Slightly bigger budget than we're used to. Shockingly though, the trailer makes it look like there are more characters and a deeper plot than anything we've seen yet. I guess we'll see in a week or so if that's true.

This was filmed 4 years after Angels from Hell (which ruled pretty hard) and it looks like they've upped the ante when it comes to violence. Maybe we'll see more than one boob for more than a few frames this time, too.

I've actually got high hopes for this one. The way the weather's going this might be the penultimate flick. I want to make sure we end on the Wild One, even if that means it's already riding season for most of us. I saw a couple bikes out today on my way home from work. Jealous. Maybe we'll be out this week...

See you all in a week.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Roadtrips!

Alright fellas, I think we have tentative dates for some trips this year. We're gonna knock out a couple low hanging fruit here and revisit a classic:

• overnight camping trip to the Vintage Motorcycle Show on Sunday June 10th. It's at the Gilmore Car Museum and PJ is leading the pack. Only 2-3 hours away. Go Sat night and camp or leave early Sun morning. We've always wanted to camp and this would be a great test run for the new KZ440s!

• 5 day trip to Tail of the Dragon in late June. (Thurs - Mon. Need to finalize dates.)

• 1 day trip out to the Mad Dogs & Englishmen British car show at the Gilmore Car Museum. This is supposed to be bigger and better than Battle of the Brits (as far as cars go) and if I get an E-Type this Spring/Summer, you know I'll be there! Sun July 8th.

• 3 day trip to Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days July 20-22nd (race and swapmeet) (Fri - Sun)

• 3 or 4 day trip to Tunnel of Trees or Hocking Hills in mid August (Fri - Sun or Mon)

We can seriously start penciling in dates at the next couple movie nights and putting this shit on our calendars.

Once we get Tail of the Dragon and Mid-Ohio done, it at least 'gets them out the way' so we can try some other things further afield. There's no shortage of blacktop...

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Mad Dogs & Englishmen