Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Night: Thurs December 6th


What's up. Kickin' off the season on Thursday December 6th at the Prez's house with the Cycle Savages. Be there at 7:30. We'll order pizza and get the film rolling promptly at 8pm. I'm gonna go with Dan Good Pizza this time. They just replaced Dolly's on 9 Mile. It's some good shit. Better than Dolly's imo. 

Here's the synopsis of Cycle Savages from Netflix: Infuriated that an artist (Chris Robinson) has been observing him and drawing pictures of his activities, volatile motorcycle gang leader Keeg (Bruce Dern) storms off to find the unwitting illustrator and teach him an excruciating lesson he'll never forget. Written and directed by Bill Brame, this brutal exploitation flick features serious beat downs, drunken orgies and an unbelievable appearance by famed DJ Casey Kasem.

What a bizarre concept. Biker gets mad at dude for drawing him. Amazing. But it's filled with "serious beat downs" and "drunken orgies" so it can't be half bad. 

So yeah. Be there. Two weeks after this we're heading over to the Pope's house. We'll figure out some schedule to include Bandit and Clean Cut's cribs after that...


I can't find a trailer on YouTube, but here's the righteous theme song to get you stoked. Or stoned.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tail of the FSMC

The Professor burned me a disc with some of the pics he took while we rendezvoused at Tail of the Dragon. I thought I'd post a few for the rest of the crew to see. Thanks, Prof'.

The sign sort of says it all.

Looks like Clean Cut has been working in a coal mine. And cut those sleeves, CC!

Apart from being the greatest road we've ever driven, it's not to shabby to look at either.

And...we're off for another run as the sun starts to set. One more trip down and up the Dragon before we leave.

Clean Cut removed his baggage so he would look more fly in the photos.

the Prez didn't remove shit and looked like a scrub.

Easy motherfuckin' rider.

Clean Cut, President Helmet Hair, and Chief Easy Rider. With some gawkers in the background.  The end.