Friday, February 25, 2011

Sat May 21st in Columbus, OH


I saw the above link on the Blood Falcons blog (which you guys should all check out. It's run by Davin from Triumph and he posts something literally every single day). I've added it to my calendar. Might be cool to head down to!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For future ride reference...

This is just a site to reference for future ride ideas. Wherever we may roam... Remember the chick who showed us her subway-footlong-esque boobs while riding in PA? Very classy.

Hell ain't a bad place to be!

Here's a quick one day ride. Ride out there, get a hearty lunch and head back. Would make a nice Saturday or Sunday trip. Back in time for dinner. ;)

From the site, "From Chelsea to Hell is laced with twisties and tight roads through the Pinckney Rec area. All the roads in this area are fun to ride. 

Note: If you were to draw a triangle from East of Jackson to Fowlerville to Hell, this a very good area for riding. The Metropolitan recreation area roads are all kept small but paved."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movie night Thurs March 3rd

WILD ANGELS! Chinese food this time?

MV Agusta show ends April 10th.

A friend is riding up the weekend before the MV Agusta exhibit closes April 10th. If the weather is shitty then he'll go up on the final weekend if it's better. Wrap up warm and make the trek out to the Midland Center for the Arts. I think it's up near Saginaw. That's only about 1.5 hours freeway in car. We could probably find a better scenic route on the way up but know we could fly down 75 if needed upon return.

3 day weekend ride to Hocking Hills

A dude at work highly recommended we hit up Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. We could ride down on fri, do great sight-seeing on sat and come back on sun. It's only 285 miles south of here.
He said, "Hocking Hills State park is the number one state park in Ohio. The place is gorgeous with lots of challenging and scenic places to ride." Let's roll!

Tail of the Dragon is do-able this summer.

Clean Cut pointed out that Tail of the Dragon is only 600 miles away. We could easily get down there on a thurs and fri, hang sat, and come home sun and mon. Only requires three days off work. I think that's a good suggestion for a 'big trip'. It would be sweet if Clean Cut's dad met us up on the way down there...

We need a möttö

Suggestions? I'm leaning on Hairball to troll his 70's heavy metal brain to come up w/ something sweet.
Either that or something from Conan. CROM'S TEETH!

FSMC is alive!

We'll use this blog to share anything we want regarding FSMC stuff. Plan upcoming "shitty motorcycle movie nights", plan roadtrips, post videos or pics of interest, products, talk shit on each other, whatever. It'll be a good spot to refer to instead of tons of email chains going back and forth.

I know Clean Cut wants to post a Code of Conduct, albeit a very brief one.
the Captain will provide logo eventüally. We know it will be well worth the wait. ;)