Friday, March 29, 2013

Movie Night: Thurs April 4th

Don't judge a book by its cover. Just cause it's called "The Loveless" and it has a leatherclad dude on the poster doesn't mean it's gay.

This is Willem DaFoe's first flick, I believe. It appears to be a total nod to the Wild One. That's fine. We can take a one week break from the far out choppers of 69 and go back to the teddy boys of the 50's. Something a bit different. And probably the only movie we'll watch all season with semi-decent production value.

So, with that, let's meet up at Clean Cut's house. He's cooking Mexican food w/ Josh's help.

Same time. See ya there...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Movie Night: Thurs March 21st

Alright, the next flick has been chosen. 1969's "Run Angel Run."

It stars Bill Smith, who was a veteran of the biker movie scene. He was featured in Chrome and Hot Leather, CC and Company, Run Angel Run, Angel's Die Hard, and Nam's Angels.

Now, he's a stoolie who's ratted out his gang and they want to kill him in return. He takes off with his old lady and a new movie is born...

This time we're heading over to the Pope's house. He's been awful busy with this whole thing in the Vatican but he still offered to host next week's movie night. Good lad.

I'll email everyone the address.

Clean Cut is taking the following movie night...

this has the Magician written all over it...